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Music Lessons

GUITAR, PIANO, AND VOICE LESSONS Studio Live USA offers instrument and voice lessons for enthusiasts to enhance their abilities and perform better in the future. We have a group of professionals that teach enrolled students to perform well and uplift their abilities. 55$/hour Get Quote
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REHEARSALS We provide one of the best professional rehearsal spaces in the area in a clean, smoke-free environment. Need more hours? Need to rehearse more frequently? Need to record your group? Ask us about working out a package price for you. 80$/hour Get Quote
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Recording Hall

Recording Hall Get your voice recorded with the best Recording equipment in town to make your Album a Hit. The live room is designed for a live recording of large groups, including orchestras and choirs, and sounds fantastic for drum tracking with the in-house DW Collector's Series drumset. 75$/hour Get Quote
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VIDEO RECORDING We offer in-studio videos for bands and artists, and the studio is available for other video assignments, including documentary and behind-the-scenes type videos, song videos, concert videos, and more. 75$/hour Read more
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Mastering Room

Mastering Room Mastering is where the final stereo mixes are processed to a final quality of sound, with competitive levels and tones on par with big label releases. A group of songs can be level and tone-matched, with fades, CD text, and a put on a master CD for replication. 75$/song Get Quote
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MIXING Mixing rates are based on mixing time in the Amek/Neve control room, the level of complication of the mix, urgent deadlines, etc. There are 2 ways we set prices for mixing: Flat Mix Rate per Song, or Hourly or Block Studio Mix Rate. Contact us for a custom quote. 75$/hour Get Quote
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