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Studio Live USA - Services


At Studio Live USA, we believe that you deserve the best, and we strive to deliver excellent service as standard practice. As industry professionals, we understand the hard work that you put into writing and preparing your project for the studio, and we want the production process to be as rewarding as possible for you.

We realize the need for high quality audio and video production in central Florida, and we built the studio to meet those needs.  We offer a large live room where musicians can all play in the same room with eye contact and human interaction, just like it has always been in big studios. That's how the magic happens on the studio floor.

Studio founder Dave Mikeal has provided Orlando with a world-class sound studio and a fun, clean place to make music and videos. He also has made a connection with the community and the talented youths of today, developing programs that give them a chance to learn and work with seasoned veterans of the music industry to create their most memorable works.

Our goal is to provide excellent service before, during and after the project is done!


  • Audio/Music Recording
  • Video Production
  • Sound Mixing (+ Surround)
  • Audio and Video Editing
  • Location Recording
  • Mastering
  • Film Scoring
  • Commercial Services
  • Live Internet Streaming for Concerts
  • File Transfers to Pro Tools
  • Audio for Video
  • Audio Books and Voice Overs
  • Audio and Video Audition "tapes"
  • Record Producer, Arranger
  • Composition and Co-Writing
  • Musicians and Singers Available
  • Studio Training
  • Vocal Tuning and Drum Replacement
  • Vinyl, Tape, and ADAT Transfer
  • Vocal, Piano and Guitar Training
  • Patch Capability
  • Photo Shoots, Greenscreen

Rate Card


General Hourly Studio Rate - $75/Hr

Block Rates*:

Buy a 5 hour block for $325, get one hour FREE!

Day Rate: 10 Hours - $600/Day

20 hours or more - $55/Hr

Unsigned band demo rate - 3 songs for $299, call for details

Singer demos (2 hours) - $99

"Off Hours" and "Lockout" rates are available on request

*All recording rates include engineer. Band demo rates require completion in one session.


Professional Analog/Digital Mixing - Call for quote

Mixing rates are based on mixing in the Amek/Neve control room with recall, and require a qualified engineer.

Mixing - Day rate per song - We like to mix singles and album tracks with 1 full day of mixing for each song. We price each song mix by our day rate, and then we include 1 revision mix per song.

However, each project is different, and some projects require more time than others.

Mixing - Hourly or Block rates for mixing - Sometimes it takes a bit longer, and sometimes we can mix more songs in a day, maybe even mix your whole project in one or two sessions. In these cases, we go with an hourly or day rate for the mixing. Contact us for a custom quote for mixing your record.


Professional Mastering: $75/song, 5 or more songs $50/song

Mastering is where the final stereo mixes are processed to a final quality of sound, with competitive levels and tone on par with big label releases. A group of songs can be level and tone-matched, with fades, CD text, and a put on a master CD for replication. We can master the album so the songs sound like they are on the same record, or a single can be mastered by itself.

Note about studio bookings: A deposit of 50% is required to book a session and reserve that studio time for you. If you must cancel or reschedule your session, a 48 hr notice with a reschedule date is required upon canceling a booked session, or you will forfeit your deposit with no refund.

Mobile/Location Recording

Requirements for event recording vary depending on the equipment required and scope of the event. The price includes editing and mixdown in the world-class control room at Studio Live USA by one of our experienced mixing engineers.

Please contact us for your specific needs and details so we can give you an estimate on cost.


We offer in-studio videos for bands and artists, and the studio is available for other video assignments, including documentary and behind-the-scenes type videos, song videos, concert videos, and more.

Our engineers and camera people are among the best available, and come with years of experience. You can also shoot the video yourself if you have the capability.

Video Rates

General Video Editing: $75/hour

Use The Room Special - Video Shoot - Your Camera Person: $299

This is a 3 hour shoot in our live room with the stage, truss lighting, backline if needed, and full live sound system. You perform to your pre-recorded track. We provide an engineer for playing back the track, and you provide the camera person and the track.

GOLD video package - Video Shoot - Our Camera Person: $500

This is a 3 hour shoot in our live room with the stage, truss lighting, backline if needed, and full live sound system. You perform to your pre-recorded track. We provide an engineer for playing back the track, and the camera person. You provide the audio for the track playback. You receive the raw video footage from the shoot so you can edit the video

DIAMOND Video Package - Pro Tools Multi-Track Plus Video, Our Camera Person: $750

This is a 3 hour shoot in our live room with the stage, truss lighting, backline if needed, and full live sound system. You play onstage, and we record you on Pro Tools HD in the control room through our Amek/Neve console. Bring a hard drive to the session, and you will receive the raw video files and the raw multi-track Pro Tools sessions so you can mix and edit the sound/video that way you want.

PLATINUM Video Package - Live Audio Plus Video, Our Camera Person and Editor: $1250

This is the same as the Diamond Package, but includes full editing of the video files and a professional mixdown of the mutitrack audio recordings. You receive the final video with the professional sound.

Let us assemble your entire video or DVD to a finished product in-house!

Full Music Concept Video - One Song - From as low as $1500

Includes in-studio and on-location video shoots, please contact us for details and a custom quote.

Audition Videos - Submission "tape" for actors and singers - $75

Includes slate, video audition with sound, export for file transfer, 1 hour.

Please note: The 3 hour video shoots are 3 hours of shooting with a 15 minute load in and a 15 minute load out, unless other arrangements are made. Full backline is included and already on the stage if necessary. Additional cameras are available on request. Greenscreen video and photo shooting available on request.


Studio Live provides the premiere rehearsal room in central Florida, with full PA, monitors, and backline included.

Single Rehearsal - $100 for 3 hours

Recurring rehearsals -  Call for quote

We provide one of the best professional rehearsal spaces in the area in a clean, smoke-free environment. Need more hours? Need to rehearse more frequently? Need to record your group? Ask us about working out a package price for you.


Studio Live USA offers instrument and voice lessons.

Single Lesson booking - $35/half hour, $55/hour

Monthly Lesson booking - $30/half hour, $50/hour

*All lessons are one-on-one, and are paid in advance. Monthly lessons are paid monthly in advance.

Prices and specials are subject to change without notice. For more rate information or questions about any of our services, don't hesitate to contact us.