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Welcome to Studio Live USA


Studio Live USA is central Florida's premiere recording and mixing studio, offering stereo and surround mixing, a full live stage for video production, and The Mixing Workshop™ audio ear training and mixing training course.



Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

We want to show you why we are the best! We offer great rooms, great mics, and great gear, with plenty of space for bands, large ensembles, and your tour bus. But the atmosphere is private enough to relax, focus, and capture those magic moments without interruption.

The recorded sound is incredible at Studio Live USA, but if you already have tracks, or you can't record with us, let us mix and master your tracks with our high end equipment for a professional sound. We can mix and master your project even if you are not nearby through our remote services. Send us the files via file transfer, and we send back the mixes.

If you are working from your home studio, you can send us the wave files, and we can run them through our tube gear, perform vocal tuning and drum replacement, add parts, or whatever you need to get the project finished with that big studio sound.

We can build the mix you want, in stereo or surround sound, and we can master your songs to a competitive level, clarity, and fullness for distribution.

Video Recording

We are the place to shoot your video project! Our stage with lights, our studio setting, and green screening can be combined with your own videos to create the music video you need to get the bigger gigs, sell your products, and promote your act with a professional look.

We offer a number of video packages to suit your project and budget.

Mobile Recording

We offer mobile audio and video recording at your location, and we'll bring the recordings back to the studio for editing and mixing through our Amek Rupert Neve console.


Studio Live USA offers studio training at The Mixing Workshop™, a hands-on audio ear training and mixing training course. "RockU" is a faith based program we offer which teaches all ages how to perform on stage, meet other musicians, singers, learn songs and put together bands. Private individual lessons are also available for guitar, piano, bass, drums and vocals.

In-House Producers

The record producers at Studio Live USA have years of experience with high profile clients, and can help you get a professional sound. Production services are offered so you can use the talents of our award-winning producers and players to make your project stand out from the crowd. See the About page for more details about the production team.


Studio Live USA offers package rates for most professional services, and hourly rates are available as well. Special rates are available for off-hours bookings, band demos, singer demos, and voice overs.

Studio Live USA also offers music production, musicians, songwriting, film scoring, and more, so pricing can be tailored to your needs and budget.

Visit the Services page or call for a custom quote.


We invite you to come to the studio check out the live room. We offer package prices for full length CD/Album projects including professional mixing and mastering, and affordable song packages. Let us shoot your live video in the studio, with stage and lights!

We offer special rates for unsigned artists, and we love helping you get where you want to go in the business. Call us to schedule a studio tour or reserve a time for your project.


Studio Live USA offers music and studio training. Learn to mix sound in the studio and at live events by enrolling in the The Mixing Workshop™ mixing and ear training course, or take vocal and instrument lessons to improve your musical abilities.

Studio Training

Learn to mix in Orlando’s premier world-class audio and video recording studio, then you can bring clients to the studio as a freelance engineer!

The The Mixing Workshop™ course includes 40 hours of studio training, and you will be mixing tracks provided by us. Your mixes are critiqued, you get hours of ear training, and graduates of The Mixing Workshop receive a Certificate of Completion of the course. Call for details.

Instrument Training

We love to help train younger or older inspired talent and watch their skills grow!  We start with the basics and move on to more advanced training as the student progresses. Currently guitar, piano and bass lessons are being offered by Dave Mikeal.


Studio Live USA is located in sunny Oviedo, Florida.  This is just outside of Orlando, and right in the middle of the state. We chose this location because of the active professional music community here and the student population at many fine colleges, including the University of Central Florida, Valencia College, Full Sail University, and Seminole State College.

Control Room

This location is perfect for affordable record and video production and training.

We offer all the services necessary for an artist to record and complete a project; be it a song, album, audio book or professional video.  We specialize in LIVE performances in our main room which is large enough to hold a small orchestra. 

We wanted a large, live room where all the musicians could play together, and the best tools to capture the chemistry happening on the studio floor. We got all that together so you can create and let the music flow. We have all the tools you need to make your dreams become reality, whether you want to be a rock star, a record producer, an audio engineer, or a studio musician, all you have to do is apply yourself.

Our vision is to change the status-quo of services and functions offered by recording studios, and make high quality production and training available to everyone. We have partnered with industry professionals to provide you with many additional services to make this the only place you need to go to accomplish your dreams.

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