Studio Live USA - Equipment List


At Studio Live USA, we use top quality equipment to help you sound your best.

Whether you are a producer, a record label, or a local artist working your way up, we can meet your needs for music and audio production, and deliver that big sound only the right mics, rooms, and equipment can provide. If you are a student or up-and-coming engineer yourself, learn to mix on our vintage and state of the art gear at The Mixing Workshop™.


The rooms have been purposely built into a freestanding building for private large format recording and mixing. Designed into the plan was clean power, great sound, and plenty of space, and this careful attention to sound quality and comfort makes this room one of the premiere recording facilities in central Florida.

The Control Room - The control room is where the engineering of the recording, mixing, and mastering takes place. This is where the big mixing console and rack gear lives. There's plenty of room to mix, and there is enough room to track instruments and vocals in the control room if desired, with comfortable seating and room to spread out and create your masterpiece.

High ceilings, strategic design, and custom treatments give our control room a neutral, natural sound.  Mixes done in this room translate accurately to playback systems in the real world.

The Live Room - The live room is designed for live recording of large groups, including orchestras and choirs, and sounds fantastic for drum tracking with the in-house DW Collector's Series drumset.

A grand piano and a 1950's Hammond B3 with Leslie, many modern and vintage amps, and many other instruments round out the studio's arsenal.

The live room includes a full-size stage with a drum riser and modern truss lighting system with moving lights for concert tour preproduction rehearsals and artist videos.


The centerpiece of the studio is our Amek Recall Rupert Neve Series mixing desk. This 64 channel board sounds rich and full, with Neve-designed preamps and EQs and extremely flexible routing and recall capabilities.

Fitted with Supertrue and Showtime automation, the console can save your mixes for later recall, including 12 auxes, software dynamics (gates/compressors on channels), excellent monitor switching, and 8 stereo channels plus aux returns.

For Pro Tools automation and mixing, we have the Control 24 mixing surface for Pro Tools 10HD.


Studio Live USA boasts a variety of quality hardware processors. The rack gear adds a lot of control and character to the sound at Studio Live USA. Here is a partial list of hardware equipment available:

LA2A compressor, Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor, JBL/Urei 7110 compressor, (2) DBX 160A compressors, HHB Radius 20 dual channel tube compressor, HHB Radius 20 dual channel tube EQ, (2) Klark Teknik 3rd octave graphic EQ, Warm Audio WA76 (1176) limiting amplifier, Warm Audio EQP-1A Tube EQ, Chameleon Labs 7720 stereo compressor, (2) Symetrix 525 dual channel gated compressors, modified 50's era Am-864/U limiter/compressor with 8 tubes, Focusrite producer pack ISA430 channel strip, Line 6 Eleven rack, Eventide H3000SE Effects, Lexicon PCM 42 Delay, Lexicon MPX1 Reverb, TC Electronics Finalizer plus, Universal Audio solo/610 classic vacuum tube preamp/DI, Avalon U5 preamp/DI, Marquette Audio Labs Telefunken V672 microphone preamplifiers/DIs.


Antelope Orion 32 w/32 analog or digital i/o; (3) Pro Tools HD 192s w/32 analog in and out, Avid SYNC clock


The computers at Studio Live USA are vital to the audio video activity, and run the software for recording, editing, and mixing audio and video. We decided on 12 core machines for both mac and PC for session compatibility and software flexibility.

While much of our work is done in Pro Tools, we can open many types of sessions directly, and we can mix and work on any files that are consolidated from other recording programs.

Apple Mac Pro 12 core Intel computer, 32 GB RAM

Apple Mac Pro quad core Intel w/8 gig RAM

Custom HP Z800 12-core PC with Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, 48 GB RAM


Here is a list of the software programs currently in use at Studio Live USA. If you are using another software program and you want to work with us at Studio Live USA, we can usually arrange a proper file transfer.

Pro Tools HD 12HD w/Orion 32, Pro Tools 10HD w/ HD6 Accel TDM, Harrison Mixbus 4 and Mixbus 32C, Wavelab Pro 9, Logic Pro, Digital Performer, Sonar, Studio One, Izotope Ozone


Studio Live USA has a large assortment of software plugins in various formats including AAX, TDM, and VST.

Available plugins include: Waves Mercury bundle, Waves SSL Bundle, Vocalign, Auto Tune, Melodyne, Steven Slate Everything Bundle, Pro Tools bundle, Cranesong Phoenix, Eventide, Drumagog, Addictive Drums, SPL Drumxchanger, Native Instruments KOMPLETE, Sound Toys 5 bundle, Sound Replacer, SSL Duende Native, TC Electronic Master X3, Drawmer Dynamics, Amp Farm, Revibe, Reverb One, Sound Toys Little series, Nomad Factory, Wavearts, McDSP, Metric Halo, Reel Tape Bundle, HEAT, and many more effects, dynamics, and EQ processors for mixing and mastering.


At Studio Live USA, we believe great mixes start at the source. We offer a great selection of high quality microphones to help get just the right sound for your project. Here is a partial list of microphones available:

Neumann U87, Neumann TLM67, (2) AKG 414buls, (2) AKG C 451b, Shure KSM 44, (2) Shure SM7b, (3) Sennheiser MD 421, (2) AKG D112E, (2) Berliner CM33, (2) Audio Technica AT 4033A, (3) Sennheiser 602, Octava MK012, Sony ECM 30 electret condenser, (2) AH-1 large condenser, (2) AH-2 ribbon, AH-3 Stereo ribbon, (7) Shure SM57, (5) Shure SM 58, (2) Shure Sm58 Beta, (5) Electrovoice EV ND44 dynamic drum mics w/clips.


The monitors and the room work together to form the mixing environment at Studio Live USA. We offer numerous ways to monitor your sound, from small to large, stereo to surround sound:

Genelec 1031 w/ JBL LSR 12P sub, Yamaha NS10, JBL 4325 w/ JBL ARC sub,  JBL 4408, Auratone Super Sound Cubes, (SLS) KRK Rokit 8’s, 5.1 (5 speakers and sub) Genelec Surround Sound system.


We offer some vintage formats for transferring older projects into the computer. These include the Tascam MSR-16 1/2" reel to reel 16 track tape deck w/remote, Tascam 3440 4 track reel to reel tape machine, Alesis ADAT’s 16 and 20 bit w/ BRC remote, Technics DAT deck, and a cassette deck.


Studio Live USA offers video production services. The live room has a large stage with lights, and we can do greenscreen shots for videos. Check the Services page for video recording package pricing.

Blackmagic 4k capture card w/BnC, SD and HDMI camera inputs, Final Cut, Full live streaming capability.


Live stage with lights, room for an audience for videotaping. Behringer/Midas X32 digital console, DMX computerized truss lighting with fogger, video shoot room with full stage.

Stage dimensions: 23 ft wide by 12 ft deep with 8'x8' drum riser and extended front platform. (2) EV QRX double subs and (2) EV QRX full range cabs. (4) EV ETX 2000 watt powered wedges, (2) Seismic Audio powered wedges full range w/12" speakers.


Studio Live USA is filled with instruments! Drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, piano, Hammond organ, percussion, bass and guitar amps, and more!

Keyboards - Kawai 6 foot Grand Piano, Hammond B3 organ with Leslie, Korg Triton LE 76, Korg Triton Rack, Yamaha P80 88 key weighted, Roland JX 305 Groove synth, Korg 05RW module, Casio FZ1 sampler

Drums - Kit 1 - DW Collector's Series drumset, Zildjian cymbals. 8", 10", and 12" Rack Toms available, 15" and 18" Floor Toms. 22" Kick with Woofer extension and internal mics; DW Design Series Nickel over Brass Black Beauty and Collector's Series snares; Ride, HiHat, crash, and china cymbals; DW 9000XL pedals; Gibraltar Rack; DDrum Octabons, assorted percussion, conga, bongos, shakers, cowbells, etc.

Drums - Kit 2 - Yamaha stage custom advantage series 5 piece kit w/22 "kick. Ludwig Accent CS Custom snare, Remo Master Edge piccolo snare, Yamaha wood shell snare, groove percussion piccolo snare, Tama Artstar deep snare, Paiste and Sabian cymbals.

Guitars - Stratocaster, Les Paul, Fender Jazz bass w/Alembic pickups, Takamine 6 string acoustic, Goldtone Wood Song 6 string acoustic, Fender 12 string acoustic, Nylon 6 string acoustic, Mandolin.

Amps and Cabs - (2) Line 6 AX212, Marshall AVT 50, Fender Frontman 100 watt 2x12, Gallienkruger 250 ML, SVT Bass amp, Gallienkruger bass head, 4x10' Hartke Bass cab, 1x15" Eminence Bass cab, (2) Marshall 4x12 cabs, EV 3 way w/18’’ mid and horn cab, EV 15" bass cab, (2) Carvin 3 way (2x15" mid and tweeter) all purpose cabs.


Studio Live USA is closely associated with live sound, backline, video, instrument, and other service and equipment providers and manufacturers. We also know people who know people, who might know of the particular instrument or piece of gear you need for your session.